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Toon Beerten says, “A complete howto make your own mood light with high power leds and a few electronical components. The mood light fades between all the colours of the rainbow at the speed you selected.Link.

2 Responses to Make a mood light with RGB LEDs

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  1. MadScott on said:

    Re: changing the diffusion of the LEDs, per the article.

    You can make big changes in the diffusion pattern of the LEDs by reshaping the “lens” end of them — cutting them flat across, drilling down into them with a large bit (making a conical diffuser into the tip)or drilling a small tube into them. I suppose if you had the patience (I don’t), you could regrind the end to change the focal characteristics.

  2. Cool project. A little too much involved in programming the chip. If it was an off the shelfer…I would jup all over this. Great work man!

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