Vatosupreme writes – “Swamp coolers work ok until it reaches 94 degrees. At that point, they stop cooling, because the pump can not get enough water on the pads to keep them wet. So by increasing the amount of water going to the pads by 50% the unit cools the house down faster, and the pads don’t dry out.”Link.

  • Dirkus

    Swamp coolers are neat. Too bad they don’t work in North Carolina, where the humidity stays so high that instead of having to worry about water evaporating out of the system, you’d have to worry about what to do with the extra water it collects from the air.

    Hyperbole, perhaps, but not by much.

    /me scoots closer to the window unit

  • craftsman

    The swamp cooler makes a good air washer for the whole house with positave pressure to keep out unfilted air.