Terry Goertzen’s 18 foot tall – tall bicycle – “The origins of the feat were innocent enough. Terry’s wife SuAnn had given him a welding set for Christmas and soon he was building bikes, including a multi-layered one. On a whim, he checked the world’s record for tallest bicycle. When he realized he was already close to the 4.3 metre record, he decided to beat it.” [via] – Link & winning record. Thanks Cliff!

  • wreckingball

    my friend jess, who’s from winnipeg (home to the new record-holder) recently printed up a series of t-shirts with the message “tall bikes are anarchist SUVs.” sadly, she doesn’t have pictures of that design on her website, as of yet.

  • Dirkus

    Ya know, from that height, I just don’t think kneepads and a helmet are gonna cut it…