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Another workbench mod… this time with concrete!

My girlfriend and I decided to take your workbench and modify it some for our purposes. I thought you might be interested in seeing your handiwork being inspirational!

The first change was doing away with the top sheet over hang your design has. The second change was adding a second support beam for the shelf. We also added some cross beams to stabilize the top a bit more.

After we got the basic frame together we poured some self-leveling underlayment (concrete) on top for fun. Since we planned on getting this thing really wet with our aquarium adventures it sounded like a good idea. I don’t think we could put down enough sealant to keep the plywood from warping or rotting.

We then spray painted the frame Home Depot Orange and gray (to match the concrete). There’s pictures and such on my blog, here are the relevant links: Part 1 and Part 2.



  1. owen says:

    In case anyone is interested I also made a concrete workbench, see:

    this version is a much heavier (2,000 lbs) and is designed to do metal working.

  2. ConcreteCement says:

    Sorry I’ve looked every where but what type of Cement is being used in those examples? is it standard 42.5 N Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) ?

    How much is required, I see most of the big cement manufacturers work in Metric Tonnes as in Cement Suppliers.

    So how does 2000 lbs equate to MT?

    Many thanks, I’m planning a very large project ;)

  3. ConcreteCement says:

    Apologies I forgot to explain what I meant when I was referring to purchasing off of a wholesale cement suppliers, say this cement wholesaler look at the price and you see that they deal in MT’s, not lbs. I have access to this type of cement through my employers but I’m unsure of how much I need to order if I’m undertaking the same workbench as yours but on a scale multiplied by 100 – say about the size of one football pitch. How many MT’s would be required?

    Many thanks

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