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Looks like if you’re a member of the ARRL you can order this kit, I’ll see what I can dig up… – “The ARRL Amateur Radio Education and Technology Program has cooked up a packaged project that detects and decodes the infrared messages from a TV remote. You probably have a number of them around the house. In fact, remote controls have become so important that when they are misplaced there is a sense of panic.”Link.

Phillip Torrone

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  1. MrH says:

    OK – goto and for a few $ buy a picaxe 08 – it is already programmed to read Sony codes, (and there are ways to read any IR code – see forum), A few simple programming commands to tell the micro what to do with the coded it receives and ther you go. Indeed the AARL may actually have do just that because the PIC they use looks like te same on picaxe use. (PS a good forum there as well)