Lrg Cover
Plans to build a sports car out of wood from Mechanix Illustrated 1956 “HOW would you like to own this snazzy-looking mahogany-paneled sports car? You can–and for less than $500 if you are the least bit handy with ordinary tools and not afraid to get your hands dirty. The entire chassis and body are made of wood. The power plant can consist of any 2- to 4-cylinder motorcycle engine. Because of its high power to weight ratio, about 12.3 to 1, you will be able to do close to 90 mph. The finished car will weigh in the neighborhood of 750 pounds.”Link.

Wood cars, motorcycles and computers – Link.

  • jkonrath

    I’m more interested in that “phone of tomorrow” at the bottom of the cover. Is that the new Sidekick?

  • jhupka

    I love what passes as “complete, easy to follow plans” back then.

  • Peg

    Scroll down the page a bit for a museum piece completed mahogany car… Oddly I read both these unrelated articles in the same day while just surfing around