Bh 01
Scott writes – “Two Chicago Based artists, Tom Burtonwood and Holly Holmes, created this 3/4 size M1A2 Abrams tank out of cardboard and junk mail. You can find more information here”Link.

  • Moofie

    The A2 has the Commander’s Independent Thermal Viewer cupola, which is not evident on the model pictured. That looks more like an M1A1 to me.

    But then again, I am a gigantic dork.

  • burtoholmes

    You’re right, we pulled the specs from a 1:72 scale M1 Abrams. But still the machine gun and hatch is missing. we didn’t want to get uber specific.

  • jswilson64

    Awesome! How do you plan on getting it out of the house? :-)

    The only thing that could be better would be one made out of FedEx boxes…

  • JeffC1

    Is that the new US urban warfare cam pattern I see on that Abrams?

  • burtoholmes

    answer to jswilson:we made it to disassemble in 9ft sections. i like the fed-ex idea, i’d heard that they do deliver to the services overseas.

    as for the camo, i dunno could be. maybe sub-urban less city more strip mall.