O’Reilly’s Radar has a brief write up of a “3D live motion video camera that uses LIDAR technology to get a range-finding for every pixel” – you could “scan” an area and put all the 3D data in to just about any application, wow! Link & full image.

Google video tech talk about the camera – Link.

  • RedSevenOne

    I was met with this image when I walked into the shop this afternoon [The crew lets me know something is important if by throwing it up on the 16′ screen [It’s an old-school analog Eidophor http://www.spgv.com/columns/eidophor.html hacked for HD]]. My question is can this system be adapted to QTVR? Acknowledging that the latter is a ‘Less Live’ version of the former, the application I have has a use.