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Nokia Analog

Daisung says, “I’ve uploaded some photos of my analogue phone + old Nokia phone. I’m currently overseas so I’ve had to leave it behind, but every time I’ve used it, I got great reactions out of people who were extremely curious. The handset works just like a regular phone by the way!Link.

Update 9/1: If the link above still is overloaded, check out another version complete with DIY instructions by Jake von Slatt. – Link.

4 Responses to Analog + Nokia phone

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  1. vonSlatt on said:

    Hey! the link takes you to a spammy site with nothing about the phone!

    For the original Retro-Cellphone Embed click here

    Jake von Slatt

  2. nataliezee on said:

    Hi – the link is correct but his servers must be overloaded and it redirects to a page filled with ads. Check back again later!

  3. vonSlatt on said:

    Ah! he’s over his montly quota on a free hosting site, will try again in September.


  4. elpaso on said:


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