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John writes – “I saw this at my local Walmart today and HAD to get one. At first I thought it couldn’t be a real radar gun but the package says “10.525 GHz”. I took it apart enough to find what looks like a waveguide antenna. The screws are all covered with plastic plugs so taking it apart takes some doing.”Link.

Looks like something to check out for cheap parts / testing / radar projects.

  • dansdata

    More info, and pics of the giblets, here.

  • japroach

    Interesting thread and forum.

    Hate having to reg to view the pics though (cant really avoid that).

  • paulsw

    Soon to be popular with neighborhood do-gooders

  • Oracle1729

    How does this compare in quality and accuracy to a $100 sports version for example?

  • morcheeba

    Thanks, John & Dan! Just picked mine up.

  • ThanksForAllTheFish

    Bought a few from Target (PA) on clearance sale at $7.48