Rob sent in this sweet nixie clock, he writes – “If you’ve built a nixie clock, and are looking around for your next challenge, and happen to have an atomic clock sitting there doing nothing, then get busy. “Link.


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Speaking of counting, this is MAKE’s 7,000th post!

  • tomaco59

    This would make a good addition to The World’s Most Accurate Wristwatch.

  • Windell_Oskay

    I’ve seen this before, but I find it endlessly reassuring that I’m not the only one with a nixie clock and atomic clock at home. =)

    When I worked in the NIST Time and Frequency division, I once hooked up a nixie clock that I built to be driven by an output from one of the hydrogen masers in the NIST atomic clock ensemble, which is periodically steered by the cesium fountain standard. Now that was an accurate nixie clock!