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George writes – “This page shows a relatively quick and easy method for making simple but fascinating tensegrity structures. The only materials needed are plastic soda straws, small paper clips, and rubber bands. The assembled tensegrity structures are polyhedral forms which vividly illustrate the separate forces of tension and compression. They are robust enough to squeeze and jiggle. Rubber bands provide tension and plastic soda straws provide compression. The instructions below are for making a tensegrity dodecahedron, but the underlying technique is suitable for a wide range of polyhedra.”Link.


  • Tensegrity tower – Link.
  • Tensegrity cell phone holder – Link.
  • Build a tensegrity coffee table – Link.
  • Step-by-step tensegrity tower part 1 & 2 – Link.

From the pages of MAKE:
Building Tensegrity Models – Make a “needle tower” sculpture from dowels and elastic cord that seems to defy the laws of physics. MAKE 06 – Page 100.

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