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The Facadeprinter by Martin Fussenegger and Michael Haas is distance printer that uses paint balls to print images, like this bunny, from up to 50 feet away… [via] – Link.

MAKE art – Link.

  • afaust

    hm, i wonder what this could be used for.

  • Ratteler

    Would love a 7 color version. It would make political graphiti mad easy!

  • jstoner

    me want!

    I wonder how fast it is. Are these guys working with the GRL?

  • Dirkus

    afaust: I’m certain someone can come up with an interesting marketing related use for this thing. When I saw the bunny there, the first thing that popped into my mind (well, immediately after “holy crap, that’s cool!”) was “Rabbit GTI”. This would make for a very cheap, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to paint a temporary sign on the side of a building.

    Ratteler: “Color” printing would be pretty easy with this rig. Create cyan, magenta and yellow masks from a full color image. Fill three hoppers each with one of cyan, magenta and yellow paint balls. Drop the cyan hopper on the top of the paintball marker (gun) and print the cyan portion of the image, then remove it and fire the marker into a cardboard box to flush the last couple cyan balls out, swap for the magenta hopper… etc, etc… Not sure how well color mixing would go, and gradations are going to be pretty rough, but it could work.