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MAKE Flickr phot pool member JavaMoose writes – “When my wife and I got married I found out that her Late Grandfather had said to the family that, when married, I was to get my choice of all his old tools. That alone was amazing, given the excellent collection of vintage woodworking tools and special-built power tools. But, it got better.

I found Pop’s collection of vintage Handyman Magazines and oh how glorious they are. So, I decided to share! Every Monday I will post a ‘new’ magazine, in its entirety, here for all to enjoy!” [via] – Link.

Outstanding! Over 103 pages


  • Vrogy

    Damn, boingboing was all over Make today.

  • inkydog

    Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble with Flickr photos loading so slowly that it’s not worth the wait?

  • JavaMoose

    Inkydog – Check the cover page photo, due to requests I added a PDF of the whole magazine!