Russ has an awesome MAKE controller kit project! He writes – “I use four screens, and sometimes lose my cursor. No more! I have Obi-WanQui-Gon to point the way for me. Using the Makezine Controller, a small X program, OSC, and a pair of servo motors, I have a real-life cursor. The X program tracks the cursor, and ten times a second, sends an OSC (Open Sound Control) command using sendOSC to the controller…”Link.


  • MAKE Controller kit (resources)… – Link.
  • Want to make a robot that can draw images for you? The MAKE Drawbot was made using the controller kit! – Link.
  • MAKE controller kit (order one today!) – Link.

  • DGary

    Russ, you are a total star wars geek, but good god is that freakin cool kitbashing.

  • Michiel_Hates_Registration

    that is freaking awesome visual feedback.

  • Gus

    That’s not Obi-Wan.

    • Russ Nelson (@russnelson)

      Well, they *said* it was on the package.