Travis @ Gizmodo reviewed a cool flash based Nintendo DS media player (it seems to load games fine too), this might be the device I’ve been waiting for to run all sorts of weird .NDS files (easily)… He writes – “I got my hands on the DS-Xtreme media enhancer for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite that we first told you about back in August. This “enhancer” also has the ability to play game backups and other media files on the DS. This card has 512MB of internal memory that can store homebrew application, game backups and audio files. This is the first DS mod that is truly painless–it is entirely plug and play compatible. The cartridge has a miniature USB port that plugs into a PC, the PC recognizes it as a flash drive and simply drag and drop the media onto the DS-Xtreme.”Link.


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  • Turn your Nintendo DS into a PDA with DSOrganize – Link.
  • Nintendo DS MIDI – Link.
  • Nintendo DS homebrew guide (PDF) – Link.

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