MAKE Flickr photo pool memeber Trialex posted this little (battery free) USB power LED torch, here’s how to make your own… –

A rechargeable, battery-free LED torch which gets it’s power from USB and stores it in a capacitor.

I reckon USB stuff is cool. I also reckon LED stuff is cool. I HATE paying for batteries. I love my shaky torch. Putting all this together, I thought I’d make a LED torch, simmilar in form to those keychain types, which stores it’s power in a capacitor. The capacitor is charged from the USB port.

This is only a “proof of concept”, and is intended to show it works. I doubt it will have the best performace, but that’s not the point. I think I should be able to do it fairly cheaply, for about the cost of a keychain coin-cell LED light


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  • Vrogy

    torch- A stick with a flame on one end used as a light source



  • trebuchet03

    when in context of a flashlight…

    flashlight: a small portable battery-powered electric lamp” ;)

  • Oracle1729

    When not in England, in any context, it’s a stick with a flame on one end used a light source…