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Bill Z Bubb entered this pumpkin in the MAKE & CRAFT Halloween contest! – Link.

Enter yours! Hack-o-Lantern contest: Decorate a pumpkin in any way you see fit, or unfit. It’s that easy. Then upload your photos to the MAKE or CRAFT Flickr photo pool and tag them “MAKECRAFTHALLOWEEN” Or you can email them to us, just be aware that we’re going to upload them to the MAKE and CRAFT Flickr photo pools. We’ll also have a round up of ways to decorate a pumpkin as it gets closer to Halloween – Link.

  • zmoney86

    Great, but where is his shotgun?

  • imvain2

    I was expecting a shotgun also. Even those this is a great pumpkin carving, it looks more like one of the guys from Mash at least to me.

  • imvain2

    Colonel Potter is who I was thinking of