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What ever happened to the gas powered pogo stick? Science And Mechanics 1960 – “Powered Pogo Stick is made up of a king-sized 1-cylinder engine fired automatically by a trip switch that is placed strategically beneath the foot rests. Will this gadget require a vehicle license? Who knows? It ought to be something to see if these things get into production and then into the hands of some of the drivers you meet on the roads today. Patent No. 2,929,459. Gordon Spitzmesser, Elwood, Ind.”Link.


  • Modern Mechanix, Yesterday’s tomorrow, today. – Link.

  • MadScott

    This was marketed as the butane-powered “Hop Rod” — which nobody’s parents would allow them to have as I recall — and was apparently banned from sale in the early `70’s and was reputed to be difficult to use.

    The dream never dies: A pneumatic version has been patented (pat. # 7011608 ) by Bruce Spencer of Mission Viejo, and a Russian has developed boots along a similar priciple: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/820398.stm