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MAKE Flickr photo pool member Rob Cruickshank made an awesome miniature electric chair, the video is hilarious! He writes – “Putting the “cute” in “electrocute”! Powered by a 9v battery, it delivers just a little jolt. Endless possibilities for fun- imagine if the one who loses at Scrabble, or doesn’t do the dishes has to go to “the chair”! Also good for trick-or-treaters who show up without a costume. “Link.

  • wackyvorlon

    Do be careful with this little fellow, some medical conditions do not respond well to electric shock. A 9-volt battery can pack more wallop than you may expect.

  • RobCruickshank

    Quite right! I actually thought this up in response to a project previously posted on MAKE, which used a disposable camera flash as a shocker. I felt that one was incredibly dangerous, then started thinking of a project that would deliver a shock, but not have the potential of actually killing someone. The design of having it give the shock across two fingers of the same hand is deliberate- you should never, ever, make something to give a shock across both hands, as the current then has a path through the heart. And obviously, this is not a good prank to play on your 90 year old uncle, unless you stand to inherit something when he dies.

  • kryten007

    Ah, a fine tribute to the significant others of makers and the crap they put up with :)

  • Bre

    My favorite part of this is that the wires are coiled!

  • hrf3420

    Yeah, you can also make a mini-taser with a relay like that. Can pack quite a [little] punch when touched to the creases of your palm!


  • johnkay

    ok.. I made this with radioshack 9vdc relay (#275-005) as suggested but It does not make a constant buzzing sound when it is switched on..I just get a click sound as switch goes on and off and only get a shock at that time not when switch is on ON position all time.. I’ve checked all connections.. any help.. appreciated.. Thanks.