061026-Fungi-Glow Big
Here’s an incredible photograph by Rodrigo Baleia @ National Geographic news of a newly discovered glowing mushroom in Brazil… – “Like a black light poster come to life, a group of bioluminescent fungi collected from Ribeira Valley Tourist State Park near São Paulo, Brazil, emanates a soft green glow when the lights go out.

The mushrooms are part of the genus Mycena, a group that includes about 500 species worldwide. Of these only 33 are known to be bioluminescent–capable of producing light through a chemical reaction. “ [via] – Link.

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  • kryten007

    I can understand a species of fern or something going unnoticed, but how do you miss something that GLOWS IN THE DARK?

    I guess this improves our chances of finding other “new” life forms, i.e. cryptids…

  • Cupajo

    I am *totally* tripping out right now.

  • Laura

    I have never seen glowing mushrooms in brazil before, how can i make glowing mushrooms?