Tal Shwartz 1
Great chair design from Tal Shwartz – “”3pts.” is a simple-fun chair, made of 2 wood parts [lazer-cut birch] and 3 basketballs. this chair can be used both indoor and outdoor, perfect for any kind of house party, and you can always take one of the balls for a quick game…” [via] – Link.

  • HunterJHill

    Phalic Symbol?

  • isnoop

    That’s not right…

  • planetjay

    I was going to comment. But it’s all been said…

  • Windell_Oskay

    No, it hasn’t all been said- There’s no such thing as a “lazer.”

  • doctor.allen

    The best thing about this is that it doesn’t look anything like a cock and balls.

  • Culito

    Oh, my.

  • Jeppy

    My back hurts just looking at that.