MAKE Flickr pool member duganj got an old tech conference tote bag from a friend and transformed it into a cool-looking messenger bag. Link.

  • AmyBklyn

    Brilliant! I want to turn the bag I got at the American Craft Council conference into a messenger bag too, but I don’t understand how the maker did it (especially the strap)… Could you please please please offer us some elaboration?
    Many thanks!

  • duganj

    Hi. Appreciate the comments. I put up some details on how I made the bag in the form of notes on several of the photos in the flickr set and on the flickr set page at:
    If still have any questions feel free to ask. The best way would be in the form of comments on Flickr.

  • sinisterspark

    Just beware – the bags they give away at those types of events tend to be hella cheap and of poor quality. Make sure you reinforce the stitches before refashioning them.

  • AmyBklyn

    Ah – thanks for the clarification. I got it! I’m going to make my tote from the American Craft Council conference into your nifty messenger bag! Great idea!