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MAKE pal John Maushammer (who reverse engineered the firmware in all three Pure Digital disposable cameras and figured out how to connect them to home computers) is working on a pong watch, here’s the latest, the case! – “I bought the mini mill in the Make [01] article (the Roland MDX-20, thank you ebay!), and it’s amazing. It takes some effort to secure & align the raw material in the machine, but once it gets going it turns out some very nice work. My current project is a pong watch & this weekend I milled out a prototype case for it. Doing that with hand tools would be impossible, and even the industrial-grade non-automated mill I have access to would require a lot of very careful turning of knobs.” [via] – Link.


  • Homemade PONG watch! – Link.
  • Pong watch build log – Link.

  • Dolomite

    why did you decide to use wood instead of something like Delrin?

  • morcheeba

    Delrin would have been my first choice. I ordered something similar, but Roland stopped stocking it… so, it was off to home depot for a substitute. I was surprised how well it worked! I got some distortion in the edges that went with the grain, and it’s not too strong, but it’ll work for verifying dimensions & my milling technique.