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Our editor at large David Pescovitz spotted these amazing sculptures and how-to… he writes – “Artist Julian Voss-Andreae sculpts magnificent representations of protein molecules out of wood, metal, and other materials. He’s also written a HOWTO on making your own protein sculptures from the datasets for three-dimensional structures of biological macromolecules freely available from the Protein Data Bank. Voss-Andreae, who did graduate research in quantum physics, wrote a software program, Mitre, that converts the protein data into cutting instructions.” [via] – Link & PDF.

  • SonicReducer

    made one out of protein and a tube sock. guess what it looks like!

  • savvo

    I’ve hunted high and low and I can’t find my bit of one-dimensional wood. It must have slipped down the back of the universe.

  • Oracle1729

    I have a large supply of one-dimensional wood.

    Unfortunately I put it in my Klein bottle for safe-keeping and now I can’t get it back out.

  • SonicReducer

    is it in there with schroedingers cat?

  • Shadyman