Edmond put pong on an Oscilloscope, he writes – “…I created a vector-based, two-player Pong game on an analog oscilloscope. Two potentiometer knobs functioned as the paddle controllers, and A/D converters translated the voltage set by the controllers into coordinate information for the players’ paddles. The XY mode of oscilloscope enabled two voltage inputs to direct the cathode-ray tube’s electron gun around the display to generate 2D vector graphics.”Link.


  • DIY Pong @ MAKE – Link.
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  • Oracle1729

    For those who don’t know, the original pong game made in 1958 that kicked off the video game revolution was played on an oscilloscope.

    Still, this is a cool project.

  • lentilinux

    An additional oscilloscope factoid is the existance of two easter eggs in the software of the common HP digital scopes used in the electronics labs of UIUC in the late 1990’s. One menu-key combination would drop you off into a playable tetris game, an other combination would give you a [Peanuts] cartoon.
    Tetris Picture
    Unable to find picture of the cartoon.