PS3 Grill

“When the final case design of the Playstation 3 was released, it was widely critsised as looking exactly like a George Foreman Grill … we decided this would be a great project and challenge to actually build the Real PS3 Grill.”

I don’t know about you, but I take comfort in knowing that somehow, somewhere, some dude is cooking up little steaks and sausages on a $600 toy. – Link

  • afaust

    …waiting for the George Foreman video game console…

  • MonkeyWork

    THIS IS PERFECT!… can play game and eat at the same time! oop oop ack monkey like! Now if cell phone had GPS and iTunes built in with 80 gig drive…

  • Naru1o
  • Locke6854

    those look like flesh colored greenbeans!

    This guy made his own ps3 grill, and apparently filled his own intestine sleeves with fresh ground meat! I’ve never seen sausages so mishapen

  • Free PS3 –

    More money than sense?

  • Free PS3 –

    More money than sense?

  • Anonymous

    How do you keep from melting the plastic?

  • Khyle

    This really does make you hungry for gaming.

    Lame i know

  • GusGus

    So thats what the ps3 console consist of
    i knew it! Thats why they’ve dropped in price and in sales.

  • bulldozar

    what fuck man that bull shit

  • charissa

    hahahha thats awesome

  • fu

    you are a heartless person! how could u fin it in urself to mutiliate such a beautful thing?!

  • Griggle Beans

    Those sauseges look like old bags of meat.

  • id104335409

    That is one aweosome PS. Killer app.