Xmeridian Angle Verylarge
Victor writes –

“These guys make quality sound cards. The op-amps on the cards are purposefully mounted in DIP type sockets so the owner can swap them out or upgrade them. Nice to see a company embrace the maker spirit by building products that allow the owner to tweak the circuitry!”Link.

Anyone use these? Post up in the comments.

  • Mr_Stabby

    I have the X-Mystique 7.1 which came out before this one. It is an excellent sound card with great sound quality. The only improvement they could do would be to use gold plated sockets for the opamps.

  • DGary

    Same here Stabby, the X-Mystique (which is in my gaming system at home) is an outstanding card, and the driver support so far has faired better than Creative’s Audigy2 that I have in my woman’s system.

    I just wished the core drivers were open source.