Marie sent in this digestive table, wow! –

“I thought this was interesting and kind of icky, but… Amy Young has created a “digestive table” featuring “a living ecosystem of worms, sowbugs and bacteria ” and an LCD screen on the table top for viewing infrared footage of the creatures as they process your food waste into compost. The compost drips out of the bottom of the table for use on your household plants. It’s the circle of life. “Link.

  • stshores24

    Interesting project, but you’re right–that IS icky.

  • Poor_Leno

    Surely it would stink. Imagine trying to eat with the stench of last weeks roast beef rotting away under your nose. However it’s cool and I like.

  • blogblog

    Having lived with this table it does not stink at all. In fact it is quite peaceful to sit and watch the worms eating and the work is sanitary with no insects escaping. This is sort of a home processing factory of recyclables using techniques similar to Tom Szaky of TerraCycle products that dissolves worm poop in water to create plant food.

  • alice9932

    amazing concept to make me think while I eat and ponder the future.