Vw Beetle Laptop Desk 1
Vw Beetle Laptop Desk 2
Merle made a PVC pipe laptop desk for his VW Beetle (and other vehicles) – Link.


  • DIY Laptop – GPS Car Stand – Link.
  • DIY angle bracket laptop stand – Link.
  • TONS of PVC projects – Link.

  • jstoner

    next article: how to pull the keys out of your winshield

  • MikeCat

    Article after that : How to weld in a full dinner table in place of your indicator lights. Uses heater core for cooking a seven-course meal.

  • tms10000

    Don’t forget the deep fat fryer! Best use of automotive dynamics! mmm… deep fat frying while driving!

  • trebuchet03

    Very cool :)

    Too bad VW gave me a dash integrated pop-out thingamajig cup holder :P

  • stevecooley

    while I absolutely don’t agree with the law, and I think this project is way cool, in California, it’s a misdemeanor to operate a laptop in the front seat (drivers or passengers) of a moving car…. FYI. :)

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