Great beginner guide on using LEDs – Link.

  • RobCruickshank

    Make sure to read the comments though- there is a fair bit of bad practice and misunderstanding in the original article. While it’s great to see someone working through the learning process, other beginners may want a tutorial with a little less trial-and-error in it. I usally point beginners to this site:
    which include a great LED calculator for those who just want to know what resistor to buy.
    That said, the delight that people have when they get leds to work is clear from the instructable, so everyone, go out and buy some leds.

  • J0ker

    “go out and buy” don’t teach you anything. But ohm’s law is pretty easy…

  • RobCruickshank

    Except you can’t use leds if you don’t buy them, and, as a matter of fact, LEDs don’t obey ohms law. That’s one of the reasons people have such a hard time with them.