Jeff de Boer makes these amazing suits of armor for cats and mice…

“From his parents’ garage, he worked continuously on his art, developing four distinct bodies of work: armour for cats and mice, armour for executives, exoforms, and space objects including rocket lamps.” [via] – Link.

  • SonicReducer

    oh yeah, this guy sleeps with different supermodels each night.

    seriosuly though, i respect someone who puts a lot of work into something relatively useless moreso than someone who half-asses something until it just barely works

  • dansdata

    I’m very disappointed to see that he hasn’t actually taken a picture of any of his armour on a cat.

  • howajo

    Yeah, actually trying to put this on a cat would be even crazier than making it in the first place. Still, if you were going to try, it might be best to wear some armor yourself.