John writes –

“LibraryThing lets you catalog your books, but the coolest part, to me, is that they have a feature that lets you repurpose the CueCat, a late-ninties barcode scanner which was hitherto useless dot com schwag. Now you can use it to scan your books into their system! Very cool.”Link.


  • PalmOne Zire + CueCat = Barcode scanner? – Link.
  • C.R.T. Cat – Link.
  • Dialing from a picture frame – Link.
  • LEGO barcode reader – Link.

  • aplumb

    Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just take a picture of a barcode, upload it to Flickr, tag it “barcode”, then see relevant search results returned?

  • elmegil

    I wouldn’t say that this is not a “hitherto” useless piece of schwag.

    In fact, other programs (including book catalogs such as Readerware) had support for the “obfuscated” output of the CueCat within a few weeks of the mass of them hitting the ground. Further, a method for breaking the ofuscation was also quickly found and disseminated, making the CueCat a pretty useful all purpose barcode scanner.

    I myself have a couple, but I don’t use them because they’re the older, non USB version and it’s a hassle to keep my PS/2 keyboard daisy chained through it.

    Regardless, it is very cool that LibraryThing is selling and supporting the cats now.

  • elmegil

    Beh. Read and read and still miss my double negative.

    “I wouldn’t say that this IS a hitherto useless piece of schwag.”