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John writes –

“LibraryThing lets you catalog your books, but the coolest part, to me, is that they have a feature that lets you repurpose the CueCat, a late-ninties barcode scanner which was hitherto useless dot com schwag. Now you can use it to scan your books into their system! Very cool.”Link.


  • PalmOne Zire + CueCat = Barcode scanner? – Link.
  • C.R.T. Cat – Link.
  • Dialing from a picture frame – Link.
  • LEGO barcode reader – Link.

3 Responses to CueCatLibraryThing & CueCats – Catalog your books

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  1. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just take a picture of a barcode, upload it to Flickr, tag it “barcode”, then see relevant search results returned?

  2. I wouldn’t say that this is not a “hitherto” useless piece of schwag.

    In fact, other programs (including book catalogs such as Readerware) had support for the “obfuscated” output of the CueCat within a few weeks of the mass of them hitting the ground. Further, a method for breaking the ofuscation was also quickly found and disseminated, making the CueCat a pretty useful all purpose barcode scanner.

    I myself have a couple, but I don’t use them because they’re the older, non USB version and it’s a hassle to keep my PS/2 keyboard daisy chained through it.

    Regardless, it is very cool that LibraryThing is selling and supporting the cats now.

  3. Beh. Read and read and still miss my double negative.

    “I wouldn’t say that this IS a hitherto useless piece of schwag.”

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