Ca-Synth-Finished 02 Lrg
Owen writes –

“In this example we build a self-contained cellular automata video synthesizer using the Video Critter Mini. The Video Critter Mini is an AVR based video board that can be used to generate simple graphics on an NTSC television. By adding 3 pots and a button, we can make a complete 1-D cellular automata demonstration for around $50.”Link & Cellular Automata Video Synthesizer Kit.

Déplacements, a material “Game of Life” (with PC fans) – Link.

Gameoflife 500
Game of Life Board – Link.

  • saccade1

    Is the software for this available? I found the schematics. It’d be fun to make a smaller, surface mount version.

  • Archvillain

    Does anyone know if the software fades the LEDs in and out with each generation, or just blinks them? I think a crossfaded game of life operating at a laid back pace would look attractive, but rapid blinky ones look too much like random flashing LEDs.