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Rama writes –

“I was inspired to upgrade my smoker setup after reading this entry. Mine is very similar, based on the Stoker BBQ System, but uses a cheap $20 terracotta pot instead of the fancy/expensive Big Green Egg.”Link.


  • Photos – Link.
  • A smoked turkey with an IP address… – Link.

  • theacoustician

    Very cool, but would anyone be interested in taking the Make ethic a step further by developing our own Stoker using the Make controller board? In addition to temp probes and the controller blower, you could add actuators to open/close dampers and control a motor running a rotisserie. Perhaps even figure a way to control the addition of extra fuel to the smoke box so it can be unattended for the duration of the barbeque.

  • philliptorrone

    i will give someone a free MAKE controller if they promise to do it and post up a how-to (with source, etc etc).

  • rama-amar

    FWIW, the Stoker basic unit is $150, the same as the MAKE controller board. Its also a fairly “open” system allowing you to expand it as you please: http://www.friday.com/bbum/2006/12/09/the-stoker-in-detail/
    My money (well, my brother’s in this case) was well spent supporting the producers of such a hackable system. (no affiliation, yada yada…)

  • benholt

    I’ve been wanting build such a thing for my own smoker, but I’m up to my elbows in a pinball machine right now…

  • theacoustician

    Rama – you miss the point. The idea isn’t necessarily to make something cheaper, its the experience of doing it.

    Anyone who is interested in working on a DIY version of the Stoker, visit http://makebbqcontroller.googlepages.com and drop a line to the email listed there.

  • pedxing

    Just fyi.

    I had a recipe for baking bread in terracotta flower pots which warned me to wash them thoroughly first, to make sure to remove any lead which may remain from their manufacture.

  • boatbuilder


    After I get my deck built this spring (or summer) I will take you up on that offer… I just can’t make any promises about my schedule.

    I was checking the price of the Big Green Eggs and immediately figured terracotta and/or firebrick would make an affordable option. Maybe not quite so green and shiny, but still a ceramic smoker.

  • rama-amar

    theacoustician- my comment was more about “picking your battles”. If you’re going to invest your time on building something, why not build something that doesn’t already have a nice, open, flexible (and relatively cheap) option available? Plus I like the idea of supporting companies that make things hackable- and Rocks BBQ (makers of the Stoker) is one of them. But hey, to each his own…

  • tommy.genes

    @ theacoustician…

    you’ve got mail

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