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Richjd posted up a PC application called R.EXE to help you learn about Ohm’s law…

“OHM’s LAW – What it is. How it works.

A personal LEARNING AID for the interested and patient learner. Just read the following pages with care or call them up using the HELP function under program execution.
A) Learn the color code for resistors through practice.
B) Learn to calculate rsistance for SERIES, PARALLEL, SERIES-PARALLEL circuits. Circuits are auto-generated and displayed. Answers are verified and a score card is kept. Chose a level of difficulty: (E)asy, (D)ifficult, (E)xpert. A calculator and notepad is needed for the more advanced levels. Just a notepad will do for the (E)asy level.

IMPORTANT: Answering questions on impulse will lead to failure and frustration. READ the instructions that preceed the cursor with care and respond in kind before going on (pressing ENTER).

REMEMBER: GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out”Link.

Phillip Torrone

Editor at large – Make magazine. Creative director – Adafruit Industries, contributing editor – Popular Science. Previously: Founded – Hack-a-Day, how-to editor – Engadget, Director of product development – Fallon Worldwide, Technology Director – Braincraft.

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