Mesmerizing video of Janez Jevnikar “Sprayman” spray paint art… [via] – Link.

  • jswilson64

    Um, wow? I’m impressed by the results he gets, much as I’d be impressed by someone who paints a car with a brush, roller, and latex house paint. One can only imagine what he could do if he stopped buying spray paint and invested a bit into an airbrush. He’d use much less paint and get much finer control over his work.

  • jovino

    I see these guys at every touristy city in the world. They all do space scenes with everything found in space in one picture. They all have the same techniques. They all do the cheezy flame effect at the end.

    This is the first I have seen anyone with a spray hood though. His space-scapes must be doing pretty good for him.

  • tpe123

    I, too, have seen guys (and gals) do spray paint art all over the world, typically in tourist bazaar settings, in the same typical sci-fi/fantasy motif. The styles are so identical, I’ve wondered if there was some kind of mail order course or instructional video showing this technique, that was popular. Was there some Bob Ross out there offering some kind of “Fantasyscapes in Spraypaints in Eight Easy Lessons”?

  • michaeljedelman

    Indeed, there is a site that could be thought of as the virtual Bob Ross of the spray paint art world:

  • mastershake916

    Amazing how much can be done, but certainly not unique.

  • fstedie

    What is the flame for?

    I am certainly surprised he doesn’t use a mask or anything, even with the hood, the fumes must be outrageous.

  • volkemon

    Seen it here in orlando, and was the mechanic for a couple who did it out of their VW microbus.

    JSWilson- part of the joy in the artform is that acceptance of the medium. Sure, I imagine a near-photo quality picture produced by an air brushing artisan. The availability of rattle cans,no other solvents needed, and the “throw it in a box and go” setup/takedown are attractive to people who sniff paint fumes on a daily basis!

    …and to watch the highlights appear on the planets ring, or the pyramids turn 3-d with a “spritz” and a piece of cardboard…all done with cans I used for decades…its still cool to me.

    The downdraft spray booth AND latex gloves are both worthy to note if anyone wants to try it.

  • AP

    fstedie, the firing burns off the excess solvents and lets the painting dry in a reasonable amount of time.

  • ctrl-alt-delete

    This guy must really hate the ozone layer.

  • mastershake916

    Consumer aerosol products in the US have not used ozone-depleting substances (ODS) since the late 1970s because of voluntary switching followed by federal regulation. The Clean Air Act and EPA regulations further restricted the use of ODS for non-consumer products. All consumer products, and most other aerosol products, now use propellants that do not deplete the ozone layer, such as hydrocarbons and compressed gases.

  • saruro

    I´m new here and I´d like to email the sprayman clip but I don´t find this option. Can someone tell me how?.


  • ctrl-alt-delete

    I know i was just kidding. The Chinese and other developing industrial nations still use lots of CFC’s though.

  • NorthernNannie

    Thank you, Janez I recently ordered a special painting from you, purchased the wolf painting and it was absolutly beautiful. I had it framed for display and the framer wanted to purchase it from me. I am so totally happy with it. What a great job. I can hardly wait for you other paintings to go on sale on E-bay. Thank you again. Ruth