Got an old scanner? Jpitz31 shows you how to make a desk lamp –

“This instructable shows you how to make a desk lamp out of scrounged scanner parts and a few extras from Home Depot.

I have set up a small solar array, controller and a storage battery. I wanted to make some low power lighting that I can use in my office that would not consume a lot of power.

I had a bunch of scanner parts lying around and decided to put them to good use.”Link.


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  • Scanner projects @ MAKE – Link.

  • DGary

    Seen something similar before, can’t remember where, but the lamp wasn’t taken out of the scanner, the scanner was bolted upside down to a jerry rigged swing arm

    The cool part was when the lamp was on, the scan head did its rounds, loud but cool looking.

    might have been at the Crocker in Sacramento a couple years back… that’s gonna bug me.