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Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has a few interesting ideas for writing on candy hearts with a food coloring pen, along with how to toss the newly inscribed treats with trebuchets…


  • The Perfect Ammunition for Valentine’s Day – Link.
  • Food colour markers – Link.
  • Food coloring pens – Link.

  • rdarlington

    Hey guys,

    It’s Te Llamo! I can’t believe a gringo that failed Spanish in highschool is pointing this out! hahah.

  • rdarlington

    Hey, then again, I *DID* fail Spanish. Maybe you’re right.

  • rdarlington

    Hah, we’re both wrong. It’s “Te amo”

  • AnswerGuru

    Te Ammo is kind of funny…it’s Your Ammo that you can throw at your loved one!

  • Darkcobra

    I thought it was ‘Te amos’.. But if it’s going in a trebuchet, ammo is appropriate in a punny sort of way.

  • jbuell

    It’s “Te amo” Amo = I love, te = you. But I think it was on purpose since it was for a trebuchet.