Wisegeek writes –

We love air hockey, but we wanted to see if the basic idea would work on real ice as opposed to using the air bearing principle.

We were on a visit up north and an approaching cold weather front provided the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately, we were away from our workshop, so we had to design and build our prototype without all the tools that we are accustomed to. In the end, however, we achieved a surprisingly great result…

Introducing Table Hockey on Real Ice – Link.

  • longshot789

    Too bad when you let a goal in, you take a shot in the nads.

  • Charnoble

    Beat me too it Longshot!

  • Charnoble

    Beat me too it Longshot! It would make the game have more incentive.

  • obeyken

    yeah but where the heck did they get the tiny zamboni?

  • jovino

    dood, the zamboni rocks!!!

  • Fusion