Frank writes –

It’s a 3 position SPDT switch that closes (on) when tilted. Made with 3 pieces of plastic, a washer, and three machine screws + nuts. I made this switch as a hack for a cheap r/c car controller, inspired by the wiimote controlled car.

I just realized, this can also double as a pedometer or a shake sensor

instructables : Tilt Activated Switch – Link.

  • kryten007

    Simply. Brilliant.

  • RobCruickshank

    Yes, that’s very elegant.

  • wayn3w

    wow — I have a use for this today with my circuit bending project.

  • jswilson64

    Another device that could be used by terrorists. This site should be shut down.

  • bf5man_

    It has been said before but i will say it again, it is brillant! Wow!

  • kaden

    Brilliant. But why do Makers hate America?

  • frank26080115

    we don’t hate america, americans hate robertson screws and screwdrivers

    thanks everybody!