Jenny stopped in and we chatted about metal etching, she later made her own cards for a lot cheaper than I was — Cheap as in you still need a laser, but cheaper…

…pt made his using metal blanks found here, but I decided I needed a cheaper and quicker method. So I started looking around the shop (I work at Creative Awards & Promotions in Woodstock GA) and realized I could just one sheet of 24×12 outdoor aluminum and print a grid of cards on them instead of individually engraving blanks.

After I found the appropriate material I slapped it into the laser and set out making the vector file. I used Corel Draw X3 to make one template card and then duplicated it until I had filled one sheet of 24×12 outdoor aluminum (I ended up fitting 30 cards).

DIY: Metal Business Cards on the Cheap – Link.

  • phillipk

    Didn’t Jim Rockford have something like this in the back of his car?

  • yo_tyler

    No, Rockford used a small spring-loaded printing press to make fake business cards. I wish i could find such a press, i can think of many times when a quick phony card would be of use.

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