Diane of CraftyPod has gotten me facinated with spool knitting with her post which has lots of photos of the process. Diane says, “This type of knitting, sometimes called corking, is familiar to Girl Scouts and schoolkids the world over, and yields thin, hollow tubes of knitting. They can be used for trim, of course, but I’m convinced there’s more uses lurking in the back of my brain. The simplicity of the whole thing is just so cool to me.Link.

  • aplumb

    Yup, I used to knit tubes like that and add draw-strings to close them, to hold my marbles. :-)

  • Fusion

    As a guy who gets poked fun of when I tell people I knit sometimes, I was doing the corking method for a while because someoen gave me a knitting nancy for my birthday. then i found this:
    and started rolling out long cords which I have been working on a pattern to use for. right now i am twisting them into skinny scarves much like making rope where each strand is twisted upon itself and then all are allowed to twist together. i wish i had some pics but i just moved and can’t find the camera. however for exactly the same thing that embellish knit is really handy it allows you to focus on the actual work instead of the tediousness of the cording. i have been thinking about using US size 50 for straight knitting, but not this week, there is unpacking to do. :)
    and with the local joann’s or michael’s coupon it usually comes to around 8.00USD. don’t forget that both stores take each other’s coupons!!

  • nataliezee

    I’ve wanted to get that embellish knit device. It’s on my list. Thanks for the tip on being able to use JoAnn’s and Michael’s coupons interchangeably. I’m on JoAnn’s mailing list. :)
    – nat