Randofo writes –

After making a few Telephone Handset Microphones I came to realize that all of these handsets had perfectly good speakers that were not being put to good use.

I set out to correct this problem.

This is the natural solution.

Sockphones are socks that are headphones. The sound quality isn’t the best, but they are very comfortable. Sockphones can be made with all variations of socks and can also be made of every material, in every assortment of colors and in all sizes. They can use any form of two-speaker headphone solution.

The combinations are out of this world!

Sockphones – Link.

  • gadgetlust

    I love the look of these, and the fact that they are mostly salvaged. Looks like they are mono, but nobody’s forcing me to follow you on that, right? — When I build these I will use some proper stereo speakers from a broken set of headphones.

    Nice project. Very cool.

    BTW — where did you get that fabric insulated cable?

  • abrannan

    Read the Instructable, he makes the fabric cable from wire and a shoelace. with the aglets cut off.