Matt sent in his mechanical hit counter, go ping it!

I’ve always subscribed to the Rube Goldberg School of Engineering Design, the philosophy of which is “simple, elegant solutions are for the unimaginative”. These are words I can live by.

Overengineered designs are where Art and Science meet, eye each other up a bit, sink a few pints, and head off to Science’s apartment to see his etchings. I tip my hat to Mr. Goldberg, using a machine that tips hats in 22 steps, starting with cracking an egg.

Here, then, is my humble contribution to the rich tradition of overengineering – the Mechanical Hit Counter.

The Mechanical hit counter – Link.

  • [email protected]

    It are broken.

  • samurai1200

    It’s very much not broken right now… hittin about 6 pings per second (about 30 per refresh of 5 seconds).

    MAKERS! Stress test time!
    For windows:

    Start -> Run -> cmd [enter]

    ping -l 1 -w 1000 -n 99999999


    this will ping the counter with 1 byte, timeout at 1000ms (1s), 9999999 times. do it!

  • samurai1200

    p.s. it seems to be okay if “request timed out.” that just means the counter didnt “pong” or respond back… your vote will still be counted.

  • Emrikol

    Haha, I love the message:

    “damn you samurai1200”

  • daan__

    very cool. I built something like this from a old telephone counter: ( it makes a nice sound in our lab )