Make 433

MAKE pal Natetrue sent in his latest, cuff lights –

We’ve all been there. Fumbling around in a dark parking lot, trying to find the keyhole on the car door or mailbox. Sure, you’d use a flashlight, but who has the room for those bulky outlines?

Granted, the cuff lights aren’t the most practical of solutions but they’re damned cool. They’re hidden in your jacket cuffs, invisible and perfectly comfortable, just waiting to be activated with a little sideways pressure.

Words don’t do this little hack justice… – Creation: Jacket cuff lights: Convenient Illumination – Link.

  • pjamestx

    That’s really cool! I might try breaking up the pc board in one or two places to let it conform to the curve of the cuff a bit more, but if you have a jacket with larger sleeves it probably wouldn’t matter. I really like how he provides both the kits and full instructions as well. Very nice!

  • cyenobite

    cool wearables hack! If spiderman had a jacket this would be it.