• jovino

    I thought the rules of posting to MAKE was that they were things to make, not things that are for sale. So, like, WTF?

  • philliptorrone

    jovino – there aren’t any “rules” to posting on make. sometimes they are things you buy like tools or art or other things to inspire *making*. i suppose i could be even more specific, but i did say “these utensils-meets-tools are $24, but it could also be a fun welding project” — i am saying that this would be fun to make and not necessarily buy.

    just because something is for sale it doesn’t mean it’s not something worth a few photons as a blog post – i suspect someone will make their own versions of these and send in photos and that’s the point.

  • hockeyteeth

    They did this on the TV comedy show “Scrubs” – someone made a wrench with a knife attached to it. “Knife-wrench!!!” haha… http://youtube.com/watch?v=nbdc24OF1QU