Instant laser coffee, I’m not sure if a 35W laser would work (this is a 2Kw) but I’ll try and experiment later – [via] Link.

  • PhantomBantantam

    I wonder if coffee, being black, would heat up faster than plain water in a white mug.

  • Mattyfu

    It will be so awesome when they start outfitting the animals at seaworld with lasers so that it can be a Star Bucks / Seaworld. Those lazy dolphins free ride is over, time for a some lazer barista training!

  • CKThorp

    Though neat, it seems to have the same problem as my instant RF coffee — boiling over and making a mess.

  • Silas

    From what I can make of the video, the NO: YAG Laser is 2,5 kW And the HeNe is 3mW…

  • jordan314

    I just got purposely shot in the face by one of these!