Living Savon
This is an incredible good idea for an old tub @ flavour design co. :: savon – [via] Link.

  • debagel

    This looks very much like the sofa that Holly Golightly had in her appartement in Breakfast at Tiffany’s…

  • hammerthumb

    Did anyone else mentally yell “Aaaaahgh” when they saw the side cut out of this wonderful cast iron tub?

    When I was a toddler the house I lived in had an old clawfoot tub that I spent many prune-wrinkled hours playing in. It was like having an indoor swimming pool.

    To me, these old tubs are a treasure. They represent a past when fixtures in homes were built to last longer than 5 years.

    I appreciate the value in converting something of little use into something of greater use but this repurposing makes me cringe :)

  • Fusion


    that was the first thing i though of when i saw this.

    i’ve been thinking of doing the same thing for a while now. but i htink i’m going to use a non-footed tub on a pedestal to spread the pressure across the floor. my current apartment doesn’t have a single floor that is level, it’s kind of fun rolling marbles and watching them arc.