GeekDad has some places to your kids, all in the sciency/MAKE spirit too!

Places to go with your kids Google MyMap by Scott Nagle – [via] Link.


  • cheesy

    What? They don’t have the Lawrence Hall of Science on there?! That was one of my favorite places. At least they have the Exploratorium.

  • nap70

    You’ll be amazed to know that not everyone who uses the Internet and reads your blog lives in New York City or the Bay Area.

  • philliptorrone

    nap70 – if you follow the links you’ll see *tons* of places that aren’t in the bay area or new york. if you look at make’s events listings and our posts tons and tons aren’t in those areas either.

    if you have (or want to start) events in your area, or know cool ones send them in (that’s how it works, people send us things…) we post’em.